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Weekend Spring Declutter Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Make a Fresh Start: Declutter, Refresh & Renew your values for living a more conscious Life

02 - 04 Sep     $350 Book Here
03 - 04 Sep     $250 Book Here

Feeling stuck can become an opportunity for a Spring De Clutter Retreat for change instead of sinking in it. 

Whether you feel stuck in your day to day repetitive work environment, your yoga practice and spiritual growth or any other aspect of life it is frustrating, unfulfilling and breeds unhappiness and discontent.  

Change begins once we become aware of the derailing effect unconscious habit patterns have on our happiness in life.

Regular practices of:
•    Asana – postures
•    Pranayama – breathing techniques
•    Yoga Nidra – deep guided relaxation
5 subjects for Self Awareness:
     Awareness of thought patterns
     Awareness of reaction and responses
     Learning to witness – equanimity
     Transforming negative to positive
     Creating a Sankalpa - firm intention 

Sannyasa Lifestyle Ashram Life - 3 months

10 Sep – 3 Dec     Fee $1500 Book Here

For those who are serious about improving and enhancing the quality and beauty of life. 

Sannyasa Ashram Lifestyle is a unique opportunity to totally immerse and experience a way of life to enhance the quality and beauty of life through a direct understanding of one’s inherent potential and discovery of the dormant creative self. 

To understand or refresh one’s intention of self understanding, within the framework of the Ashram Life, the first month follows the Living Consciously program with daily subjects of awareness and twice daily group meetings with Sw. Atmamuktananda or other experienced teachers. 

Renewal Relax & Restore Yoga Retreat

10 - 11 Sep    $225 Book Here
No rush:  arrive at 10.30am

Daily Program

Imagine having a few days away from the norm!
Imagine feeling rested and relaxed, having quality time to reflect and
imagine creating a space within to declutter the mind from the things we worry about. 

Personal Yoga Retreat 

Any dates in September $120 per night Book Here 

Imagine having a few days in the surroundings of the beautiful Wombat Forest, slow walks, nature spaces and yoga practices to restore and realign oneself.

Imagine feeling rested and relaxed, from having quality time to reflect and review what is important for you and your loved ones.

Imagine creating a space within to declutter the mind from the things we worry about.

Yoga & Ashram Life Help Out Option

16 - 18 Sep     $70 Book Here 

Live an Ashram Life for the weekend.  Join the Karma Yoga projects, yoga program as per the timetable, havan - fire ceremony and mantra, kirtan chanting, and return home feeling less stressed, and peaceful. 

"Karma Yoga expands the heart and breaks all barriers that stand in the way of unity or oneness."
Swami Sivananda

Full participation in the Ashram lifestyle. 

Please arrive before 4pm on the 16th and depart after lunch clean up - 1.30pm on the 18th. 

More Information

"It was pure joy to be involved in the Ashram lifestyle"

Yoga & Meditation 


23 - 25 Sep     $350 Book Here 
24 - 25 Sep     $250 Book Here 

This weekend will present a number of simple and accessible meditation techniques for the beginner and the practitioner.  

A regular practice of meditation fosters a better and more harmonious way of living with one’s self and others. Meditation reduces the stress responses, improves the quality of discrimination, and enables access to greater levels of clarity, insight, and focus, as well as unplugging the mind and senses from an overload of externalisation.  By cultivating the attitude of the witness in reviewing the events of the day, as a practice of meditation, transforms unconscious and unhealthy pathways, greatly reducing the escalation of stress and confusion.

Navaratri Celebrations - 9 nights of invoking the divine auspiciousness

Invoking auspiciousness: 3 days each of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati

Navaratri Program 2021 

25 Sep - 5 Oct  $950 Book Here
Arrive on the 25th ready to begin the full Navaratri program from 6.30am 26th Nov
Please contact us for shorter stays during Navaratri
Join us Online 
25 Sep - 5 Oct    $108 TBA

Engaging in sadhana of mantra, yantra and pooja - applied sincerity, commitment and endurance at the auspicious time of Navaratri bestows great benefits on the practitioner.  It is declared by the ancients that particular constellations are auspicious and full of abundance granting peace, plenty and prosperity for overcoming personal, family, karmic and social obstacles. 

Navaratri – 9 nights of Devi Pooja, Havan, Yantra & Mantra sadhana will be dedicated to invoking the qualities and strengths of Shakti in the form of: 

• 3 days – Durga, bestows vigour upon all aspects of your personality.  She removes all your obstacles and destroys the vicious samskaras that hinder your spiritual progress.
• 3 days – Lakshmi, fills you with divine virtues and blesses you with material prosperity too, so that, freed from mundane anxieties, you may pursue the spiritual ideal.
• 3 days – Saraswati, unlocks the gates of wisdom and reveals the realm of spiritual knowledge.  She opens your inner eye of intuition and discrimination.  You begin to perceive reality and turn away from the unrealities, the deceptive appearances of this world. 

The Mother in these 3 forms bestows the shakti energy for transformation in redirecting the mind away from the unnecessary habitual patterns that create distress in life to sattwic – harmonious qualities that create peace and balance in everyday life. 

The last day is called Vijaya which indicates victory over the negative to the positive or tamas - darkness to sattwa - illumination. 

Living Consciously Retreat 

1 week     $250 Book Here
1 week to 1 month
10% discount for Health Care Card Holders
No further discounts apply
Sun 2pm – Sun 2pm

Intakes all year

Course Overview
Daily Timetable

Sustaining and cultivating a positive attitude towards life.

Included are twice daily group sessions discussing the subject of focus for the day, a review at the end of the day before meditation, and the experience of regular yoga classes.

During the Living Consciously program participants will discover, experience and analyse the methods by which yogic principles and practices can be applied in their daily lives.

What was beneficial about the retreat?

  • A great opportunity to rest my mind, reset patterns and to further commit to living consciously
  • Karma Yoga gave me the opportunity to observe and witness ones actions and reactions positively
  • Regular yoga practices both on and off the mat.  Beautiful, peaceful and natural environment for yoga and lifestyle
  • Just perfect - timeout, yoga, lifestyle, reviving, refreshing and an inspiring experience in a beautiful ashram setting
  • Format - open, flexible, well balanced with practical & theory based sessions. 
  • Creative approach to developing a yogic lifestyle
  • Karma Yoga - participation in the duties of the ashram life gave me a point of focus

Living Consciously Option 2 

5 nights     $900 Book Here
Mon 10.30am – Sat 2pm

7 nights     $1050 Book Here
Sun 2pm – Sun 2pm

Intakes all year

Daily Timetable
Course Overview

The Living Consciously Option 2 differs a little from the Living Consciously Option 1  program in that extra time is allocated after lunch to deepen relaxation and reclaim inner balance and direction during your personal retreat. Course material and group meetings are consistent with the Living Consciously concept of awareness.

What was beneficial about the retreat?

  • Yoga Nidra, the daily topic to witness and reflect on and the balance of all the yogas including Karma Yoga were highlights in my life changing experience. 
  • Wonderful. It is one of the most peaceful settings I've had the privilege to be in. I am inspired.  
  • Location, affordability & ethos
  • Group sessions. Complete toolkit to help re-assess your mind/lifestyle

During the Living Consciously Retreats program participants will discover, experience and analyse the methods by which yogic principles and practices can be applied in their daily lives.

Mid Week - Mon to Thur Living Consciously

4 Day Retreat based on the principles of Living Consciously

Fee $140 

Arrive Monday 9.00am in time to join us in the yogic lifestyle 
Departure Thursday at 2.00pm 

05 - 08 Sep Book Here
12 - 15 Sep Book Here
19 - 22 Sep Book Here
26 - 29 Sep Book Here

Feel Great Breaks Yoga Retreat

A 4 day Yoga Retreat Mon - Thur
Fee  $650

Arrive 10.30am in time for Yoga Nidra - relaxation

This 4 day Yoga Retreat is part of a 1 month course of living consciously. 

On completion of week 1, weeks 2, 3 & 4 can be undertaken at your own leisure

05 - 08 Sep Book Here
12 - 15 Sep Book Here
19 - 22 Sep Book Here
26 - 29 Sep Book Here

The retreat supports personal time and space to re assess if we are focusing on what is important to us in life, and if we are creatively balancing our spiritual and worldly health and wellbeing effectively. 

This special Yoga Retreat program includes: yoga postures, breathing techniques, yoga nidra – relaxation, meditation, focused action in the lifestyle, and twice daily group discussions on subjects of awareness from the text
eBook Yoga With Attitude

One is encouraged to make notes or keep a spiritual diary throughout the retreat.

At the end of your retreat take some time to re assess in the following way:

  • What insights have been gained throughout the retreat to support health & wellbeing effectively
  • How do you intend to apply and consolidate in a practical ongoing way the benefits and insights gained during your retreat 
  • What challenges were met and how did you respond to them - responses and reactions 

Day Visits

Saturday Yoga Day & Kirtan

10 Sep     $70 Book Here 
10.30am - 8.30pm 

Practices will include: a Satyananda Yoga class of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and Satyananda Yoga Nidra™ (a deep relaxation meditation practice), kirtan (the chanting of mantra with music) and the practice of Havan - fire & mantra.

Enjoy the numerous walking and bike riding tracks at the very edge of the forest.

After lunch there is time to walk around the ashram grounds, time to ask about the activities, programs conducted at the centre and which programs may be more appropriate for your specific needs.


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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.