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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram offers a teacher free week for Full SYTA Members, & current Yoga Australia members . Quote your SYTA or YAustralia member number when booking.  

7 day Teacher Free Week ½ day Karma Yoga & ½ day Personal Retreat per calendar year with a minimum of 2 consecutive days per visit

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Teacher Free Week Daily Timetable

10% discount for full member of SYTA on PD courses held at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

Recognizing the value of supporting all forms of learning and study the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram warmly invites yoga teachers, yoga students and formal study students to take advantage of living a yoga lifestyle with allocated study time. 

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Yoga and Ashram Life: A Transformative Experience

Invitation to Yoga Teachers & Students

Yoga teachers and those studying yoga teacher training are welcome to spend time in the Ashram bringing the teachings alive in an authentic ashram yoga lifestyle environment.


A Practice of Likhit Japa by Julie

Living the Vidya of Yoga by Sn. Gyanmitra


"It is the experience of so many of us as yoga teachers that we belong to an amazing comprehensive transformative system of yoga. We see it in our own lives and we see it create positive change in the life of our students."

We welcome teachers 

Some of the resident teachers at Rocklyn Ashram will be traveling to India during October, November & December leaving our teaching crew a little light on.

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram welcomes both trainee teachers and fully accredited teachers in the Satyananda system of yoga wishing to offer their skills or gain skills in teaching morning classes, weekend retreats, longer courses, school and community groups in exchange for Ashram Life.

  • Morning Class
  • Yoga Nidra                      
  • Meditation 
  • Lifestyle programs
  • Havan, Mantra & Kirtan






Did you know....?

Yoga Studies Students are invited to use 7 days of student time with 1/2 day karma yoga & 1/2 day study per module during Yogic Studies. 

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Did you know....?

Formal Study Students are invite to experience a conscious lifestyle by participating in the Yoga & Ashram Life Program with time consideration for study needs to enhance learning, improved memory and self understanding.  


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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity,
remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings under
the banner of Satyananda Yoga by arrangement with the IYFM.