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Living Consciously Lifestyle Program

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Creating positive lifestyle changes 

The Online Living Consciously Lifestyle program consists of 7 subjects PURCHASED SEPARATELY of daily awareness and daily practices

  • Asana - postures & pranayam - 1 hr
  • Yoga Nidra - relaxation - 25 min
  • Meditation - 15 - 20 min

The regular practices and daily focus on techniques for developing self-observation, assists us to reflect objectively, be less reactive and to act more wisely with clarity and discernment.  

Sustaining lifestyle balance
To strengthen the understanding of self-observation a systematic progression of practices include;  setting a Sankalpa – intention, guided audios for asana, pranayama, yoga nidra – relaxation, meditation, readings from Yoga with Attitude and short videos expanding on the concept of self-observation.

Enhanced way of life 
The program is not the general zoom style.  It is self-motivational, using the reality of life as raw and real material for cultivating equanimity – balance of mind and awareness skills for living a more conscious and enhanced way of life.  The daily readings give guidance and focus to align oneself with the yogic philosophy as a way of Living Consciously and connecting or reconnecting with our deeper self and positive inherent nature. 

Outcomes of this program lead to: 

  • Inspiring and self empowering
  • Creative approach to developing a yogic lifestyle
  • Recentering and learning to live more consciously
  • A fresh approach to resetting and refreshing perceptions
  • Useful daily and practical guidelines in every day activities to achieve objective awareness
  • Through self observation and using the raw material in life reducing unconscious reactions and habit patterns
  • Clarity and the power of discernment in discovering ones creative direction
  • Acknowledging that a simple lifestyle can be satisfying

Daily subjects of self-observation practiced during the 21 days

  • observation of physical actions 
  • observation of sense experiences
  • awareness of thoughts
  • awareness of emotions
  • awareness of action and reaction
  • awareness of energy and its effects on the mind
  • awareness of attitudes, positivity, and negativity 


  • All class recordings are of live classes conducted in the Ashram.  
  • Allow the practices of asana – postures and pranayama to unfold naturally.
  • According to your need, asana can be modified, visualized or replaced by a posture more suitable.  If the progression of asana and pranayama are not appropriate for you, please choose one of the previous classes.  Include the current focus of the day. 
  • It is important that asana is practised according to your ability, without straining the body to perform a position which may not be appropriate for you.  Work with your ability, and observe, that if allowed, the body and mind will become comfortable and accepting.  Self-acceptance, regular and sincere practice will allow you to open more fully to your positive and happier attitude and expression in life. 

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.