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Ashram, a place to retreat to, to rest and to re-energise, to experience, expand and to grow

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram is a non-profit organisation with an inspired vision of Serve, Love, Give, teaching a living tradition of yoga and promoting yoga as a way of life for the individual, community and society to bring about harmony, inner peace and connection beyond borders of differences.  

Serve-Love-Give:  you may wish to involve yourself in service;  a physical capacity by engaging in Karma Yoga and contributing towards the general upkeep of the ashram or by giving; a donation so that all may benefit from the ashram experience, both are seen as acts of appreciation and of love.

Your Serve, Love, Give Donation can be made by phoning the Ashram 03 5345 7434.  We prefer to thank you personally. 

Whether the intention to visit the ashram is to completely rest, to take time out from busy life, to strengthen in areas of the personality we wish to change, the ashram is a place where all are welcome to visit, to honour the individual needs.  Rocklyn ashram offers a well-structured and balanced daily routine of yoga asana, relaxation, meditation, mantra chanting and karma yoga – the yoga of head, heart and hands and a lifestyle inspired by a yogic culture to support visitors during their stay.

According to the program one choses to attend, the ashram provides its guests with the opportunity to experience ashram and community life in the daily routine where skills are shared, new skills realised, and inspiration found.

The yogic way of life allows people to slow down, look at life objectively, giving spaciousness for clarity and inner connection to discover the positive qualities of one’s inherent nature.  

This is the spirit of Rocklyn Yoga Ashram. 

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Words of Gratitude 

Nishi’s Review 
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the teachers, members and visitors of Rocklyn Ashram.

I came to the Ashram in a state of high emotional distress. On my first day visiting, I was quite a wreck-overwhelmed and distraught by the struggle of living in this chaotic world. I was greeted by compassion and kindness by the leaders.

The Ashram is a wonderful place of diverse humans who were willing to accept, love and encourage themselves and myself in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The daily routine of yoga, meditation and mindfulness was incredible and inexplicable. The practices involve learning to become aware and accepting of your individual self-all in a compassionate and safe environment.

The Ashram practices and way of life helped me move from chaos to a much more balanced way of living. Through the daily practices, I re-discovered my own routine for a balanced living and thriving according to my unique self. They were flexible, helped me find the right program for me, and supported me through this healing. I met incredible humans from around the globe who were also journeying to peace, joy and reclamation of life. This is a safe place where people may contend with their lives—and find empowerment, balance and healing—exactly as they need. I will certainly be back (again and again), and highly recommend staying in the Ashram to any and all people.

Benefits of my Stay at Rocklyn Ashram - Maria 
My stay here at the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram cannot really be put into words. 

I came here for three weeks, with the first week being the “Yoga Lifestyle Retreat’ following daily subjects of awareness from the text Yoga with Attitude - Living Consciously

This week equipped me with practical self-observation tools and opened my heart and awareness to live and experience the ashram life ahead.  The teachings were valuable and profound, and they inspired significant changes in my overall wellbeing, as well as my attitude towards myself, other people and life in general and with a calmer and quieter mind, increased ability to observe and witness and less self judgementalness, I moved through my days with more grace, ease, focus and a genuine sense of joy and balance.  The beautiful Ashram environment, nature, fresh organic foods from the garden as well as all teachers and the guided practices have been incredibly nourishing to my body, mind and soul. 

Reflecting on each experience, the total experience has enriched my life tremendously and supported me in reconnecting, refocusing, balancing and discovering new pathways to continuing living a life full of meaning, awareness and joy. 

The ashram is a place where all are welcome to visit, to honour their individual needs.




Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.