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Step away for a few days to relax and enjoy a daily yoga program of self nurturing in a forest location

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Arrival & Departure 

Fri between 2pm & 4.30pm to Sun 2pm
Sat 8.45am to Sun 2pm

Fees includes all food, standard accommodation, daily 7 yoga related classes + yoga philosophy

If a weekend retreat is not possible a Personal Retreat can be taken at any time for as many days as required. 


Yoga & Meditation Retreat 

Cultivating the Quieter Mind

02 - 04 Aug     $395 Book Here Early Bird 28 Jul
02 - 04 Aug     $450 Book Here
03 - 04 Aug     $325 Book Here

Life itself brings many opportunities to practice awareness of our habits, actions, reactions and the constant flow of thoughts and emotions.  

The weekend practices for accessing the quieter mind will focus on:

  • postures to activate the relaxation response and develop stillness
  • yoga nidra – conscious relaxation for the body, mind and emotions
  • conscious breathing practices
  • the ability to observe or witness the mental flow of thoughts without sinking in them
  • the importance of a regular practice 
  • the importance of living a conscious lifestyle

Once the mind becomes less busy and more inward moving the next step towards discovering the quieter mind is Antar Mouna – learning to observe all the traffic of the mind with equanimity and to establish oneself in the quiet non-reactive mind.  

Antar Mouna – inner observation allows us to be less affected or defeated by the ever changing expectations, disappointments and natural circumstances occurring in life. 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Yoga Practices for Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle 

09 - 11 Aug     $395 Book Here Early Bird 4 Aug
09 - 11 Aug     $450 Book Here
10 - 11 Aug     $325 Book Here

Beneath the surface of everyday life experiences there is profound state of balance.  To reach this state of balance, relaxation is an essential tool for reducing fatigue and maintaining good health between body, mind & emotions. 


During a Relaxation Retreat the daily practices of yoga and Yoga Nidra offered restores a sense of inner harmony, unloads the burdens and distractions of the mind and reconnects us to the more subtle layers of ourselves.   

Yoga Nidra is a conscious practice of relaxation in the pose of shavasana.  The moment you make a decision to relax, the body starts secreting healthy positive hormones and wholesome messages to every minute aspects of your body, mind and the whole personality. 

Winter Reflective Silent Yoga Retreat

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear. Rumi

16 - 18 Aug     $395 Book Here Early Bird 11 Aug
16 - 18 Aug     $450 Book Here
17 - 18 Aug     $325 Book Here

The ashram situated on the edge of the Wombat State Forest is a perfect silent retreat environment.  

A short Silent Yoga & Meditation retreat offers precious time and space, not always available in other forms of living, for quieter and deeper self-reflection and self-enquiry. 

On this silent retreat, in the theory sessions, we will be discussing the concept of the Gunas – natural states of body, mind, emotions and environment including the lifestyle we take part in and the choices we make........

More information about the yogic concept of the Gunas

Silence is an opportunity to quietly and objectively look within. With systematic practice, you will be able to give a new orientation to your feelings and experience enhanced connection with your quieter self. 

The practice of self-awareness and by adapting the attitude of a witness the mind naturally  becomes less busy, more focused and clear without effort, revealing deeper understanding and inner contentment.

The retreat includes:
  • yoga asanas & pranayama become the basis for stillness
  • review of the day meditation techniques
  • sitting meditation:  Antar Mouna – attitude of a witness to cultivate equanimity and inner silence
  • Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation for body, mind & emotions 
  • walking meditation using the senses to be present 
  • encouraged to keep a personal diary 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Awareness of action & reaction, energy & its effect on the mind 

23 - 25 Aug     $395 Book Here Early Bird 18 Aug
23 - 25 Aug     $450 Book Here
24 - 25 Aug     $325 Book Here 

When I am happy and elated, I am fully so – there is no part of me then that is different from that happiness! When I am sad, I am fully so – there is no part of me that stands back and watches! Thus I get tossed from situation to situation and from reaction to reaction! Swami Vigyanchaitanya 

The most incidental thing may push our buttons. It is one task to carefully observe how we “act”, but it adds a whole new dynamic dimension when we begin to observe how we “react” in the situations and interactions of our lives.

Eventually, the ability to self-monitor reactions through the practices of awareness in self observation creates space between us and the event, thus slowing down automatic unwanted reactions.  With this awareness of self observation we are able to intercept the unwanted reaction and respond more consciously and constructively.

Practices and discussion topics:

  • cultivating self observation awareness 
  • yoga nidra - relaxation 
  • awareness of breathing patterns
  • ability to watch the thoughts 
  • living consciously 
  • developing a regular practice for your lifestyle 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Gain a deeper understanding of:
Prana - life force
& the Koshas - sheaths or dimensions of human existence

Course Fees include: Practical Yoga Psychology - Rishi Vivekananda

30 Aug - 01 Sep     $425 Book Here Early Bird 25 Aug
30 Aug - 01 Sep     $480 Book Here
31 Aug - 01 Sep     $355 Book Here

Our vital life force or prana permeates all layers of our being.  Through yoga we aim to experience the purity at our centre and allow that beauty to radiate out through the different levels of our existence. 

Underneath the appearance of the five levels of existence:

  • The physical – annamaya kosha
  • The energetic – pranamaya kosha
  • The mental  – manomaya kosha
  • The wisdom – vijnanamaya kosha
  • The bliss – anandamaya kosha

each of the sheaths overlays, covers and obscures the more subtle awareness that is interior to it. They surround the divine spirit of each of us - the atman.  This is the Self, which is said to be indescribable but only known through direct experience.

According to the yogic view, a person is a spiritual entity, interacting in the material world, using a body/mind as a vehicle.

The body/mind is equipped with:

  • energy prana
  • sensory/perceptual system jnanendriyas
  • 'I' - ness ahamkara
  • memory chitta
  • cognitive thinking, planning mechanism manas, buddhi 
  • emotions and feelings - motivational mechanism manas 
  • organs of actions karmendriyas

What steps can we take to move towards that centre?  

Join this weekend to experience and learn steps to navigate your way through the koshas to connect with the deepest aspect of yourself.

Yoga & Volunteer Weekend

Heart in the Hands & Hands in the Moment

23 - 25 Aug     $30 Book Here 
24 - 25 Aug     $20 Book Here 

(full participation)

Please arrive before 5pm on the 23rd or by 8.45am on the 24th and depart after lunch clean up - 1.30pm on the 25th. 

"It was pure joy to be involved in the Ashram lifestyle"

"Fantastic, thank you so much for the lovely opportunity to lend a hand. Rocklyn changed my life a few years ago, so I’m thrilled to give back in some little way."  Penny

Volunteer Weekend Information

Heart in the Hands & Hands in the Moment Weekend - learning to be present: dynamic participation in the lifestyle of the Ashram as Karma Yoga – the yoga of mindful service and sharing of skills.  Participation in either the organic veggie garden or other interesting environmental projects is an exchange for all yoga classes, yummy garden produce food and standard accommodation. 

"You have to see a practical way to understand and apply the principles of Karma Yoga, and our focus is on the application and use of Karma Yoga for conscious evolution."  Sw. Niranjanananda

Living Consciously Retreat 

1 week     $250 Book Here
1 week to 1 month
10% discount for Health Care Card Holders
No further discounts apply
Sun 2pm – Sun 2pm

Intakes all year

Course Overview
Daily Timetable

This retreat is for those who wish to sustain and cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

Included are twice daily group sessions discussing the subject of focus for the day, a review at the end of the day before meditation, and the experience of regular yoga classes.

During the Living Consciously program participants will discover, experience and analyse the methods by which yogic principles and practices can be applied in their daily lives.

What was beneficial about the retreat?

"A great opportunity to rest my mind, reset patterns and to further commit to living consciously"

"Karma Yoga gave me the opportunity to observe and witness ones actions and reactions positively"

"Regular yoga practices both on and off the mat.  Beautiful, peaceful and natural environment for yoga and lifestyle"

"Just perfect - timeout, yoga, lifestyle, reviving, refreshing and an inspiring experience in a beautiful ashram setting"

"Format - open, flexible, well balanced with practical & theory based sessions.  Creative approach to developing a yogic lifestyle"​

"Karma Yoga - participation in the duties of the ashram life gave me a point of focus" 

A Yoga Mindful Lifestyle Retreat 

5 nights     $750 Book Here
Mon 10.30am – Sat 2pm

7 nights     $850 Book Here
Sun 2pm – Sun 2pm

Intakes all year

Daily Timetable
Course Overview

A Yoga Mindful Lifestyle Retreat differs a little from the Living Consciously program in that extra time is allocated after lunch to deepen relaxation and reclaim inner balance and direction during your personal retreat. Course material and group meetings are consistent with the Living Consciously concept of awareness.

What was beneficial about the retreat?

  • Yoga Nidra, the daily topic to witness and reflect on and the balance of all the yogas including Karma Yoga were highlights in my life changing experience. 
  • Wonderful. It is one of the most peaceful settings I've had the privilege to be in. I am inspired.  
  • Location, affordability & ethos
  • Group sessions. Complete toolkit to help re-assess your mind/lifestyle

During A Yoga Mindful Lifestyle Retreats program participants will discover, experience and analyse the methods by which yogic principles and practices can be applied in their daily lives.

Feel Great Breaks Yoga Retreat

A 4 day Yoga Retreat Mon - Thur

Fee  $550

Arrive 10.30am in time for Yoga Nidra - relaxation

This 4 day Yoga Retreat is part of a 1 month course of living consciously. 

On completion of week 1, weeks 2, 3 & 4 can be undertaken at your own leisure.

05 - 08 Aug Book Here 
12 - 15 Aug Book Here 
19 - 22 Aug Book Here 
26 - 29 Aug Book Here 

The retreat supports personal time and space to re assess if we are focusing on what is important to us in life, and if we are creatively balancing our spiritual and worldly health and wellbeing effectively. 

This special Yoga Retreat program includes: yoga postures, breathing techniques, yoga nidra – relaxation, meditation, focused action in the lifestyle, and twice daily group discussions on subjects of awareness from the text
eBook Yoga With Attitude

One is encouraged to make notes or keep a spiritual diary throughout the retreat.  At the end of your retreat take some time to re assess in the following way:

  • What insights have been gained throughout the retreat to support health & wellbeing effectively
  • How do you intend to apply and consolidate in a practical ongoing way the benefits and insights gained during your retreat 
  • What challenges were met and how did you respond to them - responses and reactions 

Day Visits 


Saturday Yoga Day & Kirtan

10.30am - 8.30pm 

Sat 10 Aug     $90 Book Here 


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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity,
remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings under
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