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Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati envisioned that Yoga would emerge as the culture of tomorrow and guide the course of world events.  As our society continues to face unprecedented and unexpected challenge after challenge, one can now see how prophetic his words are.  Yoga provides every individual with the tools required to live healthy, constructive, positive and contented lives.
Through Yoga one learns how to contribute to society in a positive way by focusing on ourselves and our own lifestyles.  We must improve ourselves, only then will a positive change be seen in our society. 
Every little improvement and every small change one makes does make a difference.  Every attempt one makes to live yoga moment-to-moment will be felt by all, even by the Earth.  Infections can spread quickly but so can positivity and smiles.  The sadhana provided for you here is a beginning and a thorough way in which to establish yourself in yogic awareness for all times to come.  Invest this time to try and live yoga moment- to-moment, you will be rewarded for life.  Smile and spread some happiness and joy around. 
Yoga is the best gift to humanity; it is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.  Swami Niranjan Saraswati

The practice of Karma Yoga is an opportunity to offer your creative skills, joy and inspiration as a yogic practice of focused awareness. 

A fee free karma yoga day is an opportunity to be part of the yoga program, shared work activities, and the ashram lifestyle. 

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket/shawl

The day includes: 

  • karma yoga 
  • yoga nidra - relaxation
  • lunch & dinner
  • meditation and evening program

General Information

Your booking is necessary and appreciated the day before your proposed visit.

Please contact us

9.00am        Arrival
9.30 - 11.30 Karma Yoga
11.30 Morning Tea
12.00 Yoga Nidra - relaxation
12.30 Lunch 
12.30pm Lunch clean up
2.00 Afternoon Tea
2.30 - 4.45 Karma Yoga
5.30 Meditation
6.00 Dinner 
7.15 Evening Program









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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.