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Winter Yoga Retreat Overview

Yoga, Practical Yoga Psychology & Yoga Lifestyle 

16 - 23 Jul     $785 Enrol
16 - 23 Jul     $707 Enrol (Early Bird Fee full paid by 01 July)
Includes the book Practical Yoga Psychology 

The Winter Yoga Retreat week of Practical Yoga Psychological begins with the “definitions of yoga”
referencing the text presented by Dr. Rishi Vivekananda and will systematically unfold as a way of life
enhancing ones understanding of the whole personality.

  •  What are we trying to accomplish in life, and how can yoga help?
  •  What is the mechanism through which yoga works?
  •  What practices can we use to accomplish this?

Overview of topics of discussion and practical application of yoga as a lifestyle include:

Group Discussion twice daily on the subjects below. One is encourage to keep a personal diary during the retreat

Hatha Yoga - is primarily concerned with bodily purification practices through awareness during asana – postures

Shatkarmas - cleansing practices – detoxing accumulated wastes

Pranayama – expansion of prana through the breath for raising vitality, relaxation and balancing

Sankalpa – creating a positive resolve or firm intention by strengthening the will power

Mantra Yoga – chanting is to redirect the mind away from its limitations towards a positive state of personal evolution and balance

Nada Yoga – purification of the chakras – yoga of sound vibrating specifically at each chakra

Yoga Nidra – daily deep relaxation

Meditation – daily practice of meditation cultivating the witness

Raja Yoga – overview yama & niyama & lifestyle principles

Karma Yoga – components of karma yoga as a dynamic awareness/meditation

Koshas – knowledge of the 5 sheaths of human existence and their effects on the personality

Gunas – states of existence & the Mind & Personality

Karma Yoga: the practice of yoga awareness in action is a shared activity in the many and varied projects within the Ashram. Karma Yoga gives the opportunity to develop the yoga of equanimity – a balanced state of mind by observing the different levels and thought patterns of the mind and emotions as they arise. By engaging in the different activities of the ashram’s daily life one not only shares skills, but gains skills from other ashram residents and visitors.

Benefits gained by taking a longer stay in the ashram environment:

  • Self-confidence
  • Inner change expressed as outer action
  • Balanced personal discipline
  • Discrimination and discernment
  • Physcial Wellness
  • and lots more....

What to Expect: the program includes approximately 4hrs of Karma Yoga - awareness whilst fully engaging in the activities (work) with the ashram community in the daily ashram rhythm and routine. The activities include organic veggie garden, kitchen, maintenance, housekeeping, and many other varied and interesting lifestyle projects.

All classes are expected to be attended as part of the ashram lifestyle to maintain harmony, health on all
levels of the personality and to gain skills for living an ongoing life inspired by a yogic culture.

Practical Details: what to bring and other handy hints


Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.