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More information about the yogic concept of the Gunas


We are not beyond the Gunas.  We all experience the Gunas during the day, month and years of our life. 

On the silent retreat, in the theory sessions, we will be discussing the concept of the Gunas – natural states of body, mind, emotions and environment including the lifestyle we take part in and the choices we make.  

The Gunas are states of being and manifest in our lives as different expressions of the personality according to the health of and state of body, mind, emotions and perceptions.  The Gunas express themselves in the inner feelings and the other actions. 

Spending a short time in silence, removed from our day to day environment and stressful situations, observing our movements, choices, attitude, perception, self-identity, thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions helps us to understand how the Gunas impact and also have the ability of enhancement on and in our every day activities bringing about better life balance.  

Imagine the old scales with 2 bowls and the balance bar at the top.  Knowledge and application of the Gunas brings all experiences into balance and harmony. 

The Gunas are described as:

Tamas                   a state of inertia and ignorance, instablility, limited vision, fatigue, apathy, feeling stuck, negative emotions, and other expressions that inhibit us from living consciously
Rajas   a state of dynamism and activity, combined with full ego involvement, activities are performed to fulfil desires and ambitions, power, force and restlessness, emotions are positive if everything is going well

Sattwa   a state of truth, simplicity and equanimity in action, balance, clear perception, simplicity essence of learning and awakening intuitive, wise thinking, positive emotions, ethical activities are performed for the good of all



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