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What are these courses about? As the saying goes, Change comes from within. Yet how much time and attention and effort is it possible to sustain a lasting connection with our own inner nature? No matter how sincere we may be or how hard we try, while there are overriding distractions drawing our attention back into the obligations and necessities of outer life, the inner connection remains frustratingly elusive. And the distractions are persistent, so we can go on hearing that inner call without being able to answer it. 

There are two essentials which make the connection possible: 

The first is to create the most appropriate environment for that to happen, and make that the only priority, free of all distractions. That includes the specific time given over exclusively for that purpose, in these courses 5 - 10 days; a quiet, calm and supportive environment; and the necessary guidance to know how to let go of the outer and turn the attention fully to the inner. 
The second, which a lot of people don’t think about or take for granted, is what to do when you get in there. What kind of relationship do we have with our own inner self? How exactly is the effort made? Because in yogic understanding it is axiomatic that who we appear to be on the outside is not what we find ourselves to be on the inside. 
For this you will find the guidance timely and non-intrusive. In a nutshell it’s intended to say, Look here, look into this, this unexplored corner, this something not yet understood; this is interesting. We don't try too hard, we are patient and let it unfold. And we find there are many aspects of different dimensions to explore. 
We have to journey, we have to travel on, through the knowledge of who we take ourselves to be to find out who we really are. Sometimes it's expansive and enlightening and sometimes it can be confronting and disconcerting, but here is the truth, the open secret if you like, every experience on the path of self-knowledge, when observed clearly and accurately, whether taken to be positive or negative, is always a definite step forward out of the limitation of our present understanding upward into wisdom and light. That is what meditation can do. 
And some thoughts from a few who have something to say about their own experience
  • Amazing, highly recommended!  Very rarely do we have the opportunity to find a way to be comfortable with everything that occurs within us.  This was such an opportunity; to sit and go beyond our constructed beliefs to a light deep within.
  • Up for a challenge? Looking to move forward in your life? Then go to this retreat and see what happens.
  • If you seek the truth … seek out this course.
  • It will change your life if you let it.
  • Exceeded all expectation - absolutely brilliant.
  • Set me on the right direction after years of procrastinating.
  • A life-changing experience in a beautiful setting.
  • Great teacher.  Great venue.
  • Sw. Anandakumar is an excellent master of the mind - very perceptive - funny - so does not intimidate. 
  • Sw. Anandakumar is an inspirational teacher.  There is simplicity and clarity in his instruction.
This is a highly recommended retreat for professional yoga teachers and practitioners committed to experiencing an extended meditation retreat, skilfully guided by Swami Anandakumar.  The stillness and clarity gained over 10 days of learning the systematic approach to meditation and establishing oneself in the quiet mind as the observer is a profound 
The journey itself is the thing!

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.