Yoga Ashram

Dimensions of Yoga Series

Module 1: Breath and energy 

Clarity and vitality from the Hatha Yoga tradition

19 – 28 Jan     Fees     $1750
9 day live in residential at Rocklyn Ashram

Supported home practice and theory
29 Jan - 20 Apr
Concluding residential weekend at Rocklyn Ashram
20 - 22 Apr


Fulltime immersion option

Includes additional twelve weeks living at Rocklyn Ashram
19 Jan - 22 Apr
Fees     $1750 + $1008

The Dimensions of Yoga Series courses are a new series that presents riches from the Satyananda system of yoga in a focused in-depth format which will provide accessible helpful insights to all yoga practitioners.

Yoga teachers and previous yogic studies students and graduates will gain great benefit from this fresh approach.

Fuelled by each participant's own intention and commitment, grounded in a living tradition, these courses support a personal journey towards yoga as a way of life, helping peel away barriers to deeper experiences in yoga.
The breath and energy module 1 is suitable for both new and experienced practitioners. It presents core practices and concepts from authentic classic Hatha Yoga that will enhance the experience of yoga and help build a dynamic and systematic sadhana (regular practice).
Swami Vimalratna, course developer for Australian and international yogic studies courses, Living Consciously programs, and the compiler of Yoga With Attitude, brings all his experience and skills to support senior Rocklyn Ashram teachers with a unique new residential course matched with a carefully focused and balanced sequence of home study and practice.
Discover practices that create deep relaxation, greater health, vitality, and balanced energy. 
Learn why these practices work and discover how to regulate them to manage in life. This is provided through a practical and theoretical framework of breathing and energy, solidly and systematically drawn from Hatha Yoga as a distinct yoga system.
This module is an intensive course of theory and practice over twelve weeks with a nine day residential, and two additional weekends, supported by a systematic sequence of home practice. It requires commitment that will be strengthened with carefully crafted support for the duration of the course. Fulltime residential living at Rocklyn Ashram throughout the course is a complete immersion option.
Designed for the contemporary world, it is structured with an understanding of the difficulties of maintaining practice today, and the need for creating new patterns that assist in managing the troubles and sufferings of life. Taken individually, many of the practices will provide key tools for managing life's ups and downs, taken together, they provide a strong base on a pathway to regular practice and personal transformation.
Uncover new depths in your yoga sadhana. Explore how and understand why these practices work. 
Learn how to apply asana, pranayama, and shatkarmas to consciously and systematically cleanse and prepare body, mind and energy to create strength and resilience as an antidote to the challenges of contemporary living.
The course is thoughtfully integrated with a systematic and incremental holistic home practice program, which includes hatha yoga practices such as asana, pranayama and shatkarma, balanced with mantra, yoga nidra and meditation.
The residentials are based around a number of specialist lectures and workshops on topics related to the theory and practice of Hatha Yoga, together with freshly formulated classes designed to convey experience and understanding of the concepts and practices. Specially prepared readings, activities and online recordings support the home practice. 
Kickstart your yogic life, build your capacity, regenerate, heal and revitalise, knowing that when this step is complete, the potential for transformation in the vast yoga tradition is only just beginning.

"Contrary to the popular belief that hatha yoga is only the practice of physical asana and nothing more, it is an important aspect of yoga. Hatha yoga is like the primary class to which you get yourself admitted before you can continue your study in higher classes. Admission to yoga takes place through hatha yoga; it does not take place through dhyana or meditation. Admittance in the yogic journey does not happen through kriya yoga or kundalini yoga."

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Yoga in Daily Life

Benefits of a full time or part time Yoga & Ashram Life stay during Module 1

Many benefits arise when the study of yoga is transferred into an experience and expression of living a lifestyle inspired by a yogic culture and tradition.  Living in the ashram presents a unique opportunity for those who wish to commit to investigating the values and practices of yoga as a direction for self-understanding and deep inner transformation.   

Yoga & Ashram Life includes:

Daily yoga classes in asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation

Ashram satsangs - discussions

Karma Yoga – i.e. participation & sharing skills with the ashram group in organic veggie gardening, kitchen, office, maintenance and other interesting projects  

Mantra chanting, kirtan and havan (Vedic/Tantric fire ritual).

Rostered time off and study time allowance


Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity,
remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings under
the banner of Satyananda Yoga by arrangement with the IYFM.