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Yoga & Ashram Life Options for a few days, weeks or up to 6 months

Experience a dynamic, authentic and traditional ashram yoga lifestyle.

The Ashram lifestyle and daily yoga practices are based on a living tradition which is a complete and practical system for realigning and redirecting the emotions and the mind for positive and personal evolution.

Please note: if you are not able to arrive and depart as per the website please take a Personal Retreat

Please bring your own bedding, yoga mat and blanket/shawl

Yoga & Ashram Life comments

Yoga & Ashram Life Daily Timetable

Intakes limited 

Yoga & Ashram Life Retreat Options 
6 months (26 weeks) Discounted 
3 months (13 weeks) Discounted

Includes 1 mth Living Consciously sessions
Arrive 2pm Depart 2pm
(Min 2 nights or more) No intakes on Sunday
Arrive 2pm - Depart 2pm
Arriving after 2.30pm or leaving before 1.30pm will incur an additional $25

Cancellation: non transferable & non refundable



Fri, Sat, Sun 
Fri 2pm - Sun 2pm
Late Arrival:  after 2.30pm
​Cancellation: non transferable & non refundable 

Sat, Sun
Sat 9am - Sun 2pm
Late Arrival: + $25
​Cancellation: non transferable & non refundable 


Living Consciously option is encouraged for your first visit to the Ashram and Ashram life

1 Week (begin any day of the week)
Arrive at 2pm - Depart at 2pm







2 weeks $370   Enrol
3 weeks $555   Enrol
4 weeks including 1 week Living Consciously sessions $740   Enrol
8 weeks including 2 weeks Living Consciously sessions $1480   Enrol 


The activities include: 

  • organic veggie garden,
  • kitchen,
  • maintenance,
  • house keeping,
  • sharing of skills and 
  • responsibilities and
  • many other varied and interesting and sustainable lifestyle projects 

What’s in it for you?

  • 6 yoga related classes a day: morning yoga class of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing),yoga nidra (deep relaxation), meditation & havan (fire ceremony with mantra chanting) and evening program of chanting and discussion. 
  • Delicious vegetarian meals, much of which is sourced from the ashram’s organic vegetable garden, or local organic produce.
  • Understand the scope that yoga has to offer ‘beyond the mat’ by exposure to various branches and practices of yoga.
  • Developing practical tools for living: regularity and simplicity, self-awareness in daily life, overcoming mental conditioning and patterns, building positive attitudes and intention, harmonising the expression of head, heart and hands.

How committed are you to making lasting positive changes in your life? 

Morning wake-up call at 6.00am for 6.30am class 
Maintaining silence from evening until after breakfast, and at all meals on Wednesdays 
Sharing community space with someone you’ve never met 
Full participation in the ashram daily routine
Engaging with a diverse range of people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and beliefs
A complete “digital detox” – switch off your mobile and leave your laptop at home

All classes are expected to be attended as part of the ashram lifestyle to maintain harmony, health on all levels of the personality and to gain skills for living an ongoing life inspired by a yogic culture
And at the end feel you have benefited

Daily Self Observations

  • observation of physical actions & surroundings
  • observation of the senses and their experience
  • awareness of thoughts
  • awareness of emotions
  • awareness of action & reaction
  • awareness of energy and its effects on the mind
  • awareness of attitudes, positivity and negativity

General Information

Yoga & Ashram Life Daily Timetable
Yoga @ the Ashram

Mental Health Support
Rocklyn Yoga Ashram promotes qualities of self responsibility and self awareness.  When visiting the ashram we require people with mental health conditions to have a sufficient level of self care that allows them to manage their behaviours. If assistance with mental health issues is needed during your stay at the ashram, we require our visitors to seek professional mental health support outside the ashram.  While the traditional yoga practices we offer support wholistic health, our yoga teachers are not mental health therapists.

Fees include: standard accommodation, vegetarian food and yoga classes as per the website daily timetable.

Practical Details: Cancellation Policy, What to bring, Directions etc

Please note: if you are not able to arrive by the time specified an o/night residential fee applies


Intakes all year
Please make your booking at least 2 days prior to your arrival date

Arrival & Departure 

As per the enrolment form 

Mobile Free Zones: all residential, eating & sitting areas

Yoga & Ashram Life Comments

  • Engaging with others in a yogic lifestyle, the yoga practices and learning useful tools for life
  • A very unique and rewarding experience.
  • Opportunity for self development & reflection
  • A fantistic way to have respite from a busy life and learn to live life more consciously/meaningfully


The last eleven weeks at Rocklyn have gifted me with deep peace and nourishment of my inner spirit. It has been pure joy to serve, love and give at the ashram. I was part of the continual cycle of energy as I mixed the sourdough, fed the steaming compost, weeded the garden, kindled fires, freshened rooms, scrubbed and swept. Here, what is once considered 'work' becomes life.

I have found delights abound in every moment, depending on whether your heart is open to notice them. Not only has my activity here been for the benefit of the whole community, but each task has some wisdom for me, each interaction, whether it be with person, animal or earth, contains some hidden treasure.

So in that way I have found a perhaps simple daily life to be immensely enriching. There is a particular feeling you get from sharing with others who are connected to this circle of life at the ashram. I so warmly thank everyone who was part of my life there, it has been such a pleasure to learn and grow with you all. I travel back out into to world feeling brighter, stronger and uplifted!"  Fiona 

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Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, operated by Yoga Association of Victoria Inc. as an autonomous entity, remains committed to the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and continues the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga.