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Yoga Ecology - A Holistic Lifestyle

Yoga Ecology

A Holistic Yogic Lifestyle 

Yoga Ecology is the Yogic and Vedic way of living an ecological lifestyle in harmony with Mother Nature - Prakriti.

05 - 07 Apr     $350     Book Here

During this weekend course we will explore;
Yogic lifestyle and routines, Yogic Attitudes, practises and rituals that help us to reconnect with Nature.

Through this renewed connection, we live with awareness and the understanding that we are not separate from nature, we are nature. 
This awareness and connection with Mother Nature is a necessity as we face climate change, global warming and the many environmental and social problems of modern times.

This Yoga Ecology and lifestyle course is for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to Mother Nature in their daily lives, leading to a more balanced, harmonious and healthy life not only for the individual but also for society and the future generations.

Teacher: Swami Prembhava Saraswati (Bachelor of Environmental Science-Newcastle University and Masters of Applied Yogic Science - Bihar Yoga Bharati, India)has been studying and teaching Yoga Ecology at Ganga Darshan Vishwa Yoga Peeth in Munger, India since 1996. Since 2017 she has been travelling globally teaching Yoga Ecology and Lifestyle in yoga centres around the world. She is passionate about the environment and outlines the simple changes every individual needs to make in their daily lives to live yoga moment to moment and through Living Yoga, live ecologically.

She is the author of the “Janani” Yoga Ecology and Lifestyle series books.  This weekend will be based on Janani Vol 1- Understanding Prakriti and can be found free on the Satyam Yoga Prasad App - scroll to the publication.Janani Understand Prakriti (Mother Nature)


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