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Power of Awareness - Awakening Intuition - Sw. Anandakumar

Power of Awareness - with Swami Anandakumar

Silent Sadhana Retreat

26 Apr - 01 May     $750 Book Here

Awakening Intuition 
Intuition as we know it is individual not universal. Individual intuition is the expansion of awareness that in a moment makes the connection between two or more things that have until then only been seen separately. A realisation dawns and a third way an insight can open up. This means that intuition can be improved systematically by creating or setting up a relaxed inner environment through meditation where the noise of the mind as we know it can be seen for what it is. It becomes quiet and the still small voice of wisdom can be heard.

Silence during the course is a blessing and a release from daily concerns. Silence ensures continuity of awareness, an essential quality in being able to go deeper in practice. 

Swami Anandakumar is an internationally respected teacher who specialises in practices of self-awareness. He has studied a wide variety of yogic disciplines over nearly 40 years, training and teaching in ashrams in Australia and India, as well as conducting courses on the practical experience of meditation internationally. This brought insight into the benefits of learning to go deeper into self-awareness as a methodical practice.

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