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Beyond Cancer - Healing the Whole Being - Lee Majewski

Beyond Cancer - Healing the Whole Being Retreat - Lee Majewski.....

14 Apr – 05 May $3800  Book Here
Fee includes a private room

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Who is this retreat for?

Beyond Cancer, a 3-week residential retreat is designed for people who have experienced cancer (all types and stages) and who have undergone chemotherapy and /or radiation treatment in the last 10 years and are over 24 years of age.

Why attend Beyond Cancer retreat?

The Beyond Cancer retreat addresses a gap in allopathic healthcare, which drops patients at the end of treatment offering no continued support. Studies show that the side effects of allopathic cancer treatment are cumulative, leaving patients to fend for themselves post-treatment at their most vulnerable point. 

The purpose of this retreat is to provide a platform post-treatment for clients to create their own healing at their pace. Beyond Cancer will restore the body and mind from the harmful side effects of cancer treatments, which many people continue to carry with them for years afterwards. We present Yogic tools, which help our clients to move from a state of victimhood to a state of empowerment. 

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